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Jeff is co-owner and executive chef behind Jeff the Silent Chef catering and is a third generation chef who graduated from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. Jeff the Silent Chef catering was recently placed on the 2011 Orange County Hotlist for Best Catering.

Jeff the Silent Chef Catering, san clemente
I61studio: How would you describe your signature style?
Jeff: We’re creative, extraordinary and unique in our cuisines. When someone comes to someone’s party or wedding, they’re going to see things that they’ve never seen before.

I61studio: How long have you been interested in cooking in general?
Jeff: Ever since I was maybe four, I was learning from my grandfather about culinary cuisine. I’ve always had a passion for food.

Jeff the Silent Chef Catering, san clemente
I61studio: Did you always know you wanted to be a chef growing up?
Jeff: I’ve always known that I loved food, and had a passion for food. But I never thought I could actually turn it into a career until I was a senior in highschool and my grandmother said “Why don’t you go to culinary school and become a chef?” Once she said that it clicked.

I61studio: What were you doing before running your own business?
Jeff: Before running my own business I was a private chef to celebrities in LA. My middle agent would send me off to different places and sometimes it would be Tyra Banks or John Travolta or someone different and I would be like: “Oh my gosh, I know you!” It was really fun.

Jeff the Silent Chef Catering, san clemente
I61studio: Who is your biggest inspiration?
Jeff: My biggest inspiration was my grandfather. He did not get to see me start the business, but he did get to see me go to culinary school with the passion that he had.

I61studio: What is your favorite food?
Jeff: I like fusion cuisine. I love doing fusion cuisine – taking bits and parts of cultures and fusing them together to come up with something unique and different.

Jeff the Silent Chef Catering, san clemente
I61studio: Do fusion cuisines work well for multicultural weddings?
Jeff: Yes. We just did one a little while ago where it was Polynesian and Peruvian. So they had two cultures and we had to sit down and figure out how to incorporate both cultures into their meal.

I61studio: What do you like to do in your free time?
Jeff: Cook. It’s kind of funny – I can do a party and work 16 hours for four days in a row and then on my day off the first thing I’m thinking about is who’s going to come over to my house so we can cook and have fun. So I’m pretty much always cooking. It’s fun cooking.

Jeff the Silent Chef Catering, san clemente
I61studio: What do you love most about doing what you do?
Jeff: I really love the friendship that comes out of doing weddings. I love meeting people and keeping in touch with them. And also I just love seeing the reaction on people’s faces. Weddings are very important events, so when we’re able to make their vision a reality and make it everything they ever wanted it to be, it’s a great feeling.

Name: Jeff the Silent Chef
Services: Catering for weddings, corporate and social events, cooking classes
Phone Number:  949-218-2320
Showroom: 1020 Calle Cordillera, Suite 101, San Clemente, CA 92673-6233
Catering manager email:

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